After the Rain

After the promised high temperatures enjoyed their run for little more than 24 hours, they left abruptly and thunder and lightning and heavy rain took their place. We sat inside, watching and listening, occasionally poking our head out to see the jagged spires light up the sky.

After the thorough pounding and rumbling and crackling for hours on end, the rain finally took a break and I ventured out to see what the storm had done, which was to make everything cleaner and fresher and greener.

Looking up I was most impressed by the clouds which hung dramatically and beautifully every direction I turned.

I hurried back inside before the next explosion of thunder and rain occurred, bringing with it a flicker of power outage while writing this post. Through my office window I capture the last image of the day. Oh!

That’s enough for tonight.

~ Susanne

5 Comments on “After the Rain

  1. Those clouds look like they mean business, Susanne!
    I hope the storms have left you by now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Yes those clouds were loaded and released their fury all night long, inside of the most severe thunderstorm I can remember in years! A high price to pay for a few hours of sunshine and high temps! This morning all is chilly and mainly calm! 😉

    • Unfortunately true! 😉 And I just read that as bad as this winter/spring season has been, they are predicting a hotter summer that usual, as well. Everything in the extreme this year I guess!

  2. Same here in Poland, so much rain we are struggling to get things planted and then we have a frost forecast with a possibility of snow in two days time! It was 22c\71f with thunderstorms yesterday, extremes indeed.

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