Benji’s Bathtime Antics

Good Morning from Benji!

As you know we felines are the cleanest animals in the kingdom and do not need nor do we rely on any human facility to remain so.  In fact, humans have much to learn from us about continuous and natural cleansing. Even so, the bathroom is a fun place to visit and greet my favorite human first thing in the morning.

Today, the door was open just enough to allow me entrance to the shower facilities.

I am lithe and nimble and successfully nosed my way in.  These are the benefits of being a small cat.

While I wait for Sue to finish I decide to freshen up.

When she is finally done, I drink the fresh water that remains behind.  I don’t know if she approves of this, but she has yet to reprimand me. (I have learned she doesn’t like me to drink from the swirling bowl and I admit I do not understand all the rules.)

All in all, a good start to the day.

~ Benji

7 Comments on “Benji’s Bathtime Antics

    • It was a reenactment! The events occurred as described, most mornings, including today. I love seeing his little paw come through the door; it always makes me laugh. So for the reenactment all I had to do was go in there and close the door part way, and presto he will try to get in. Where I am, Benji also must be! 🙂

      • Bit like me and Ollie. He loves to watch me have a bath, so he knows where I am. at all times.
        I didn’t really think you would have a camera in your bathroom! 🙂

  1. Well, Benji–you and Effie are too much alike–way. Same antics with the arm-under-the-door entry. Effie is thwarted by closed toilet seat covers when seats are not in use by humans. She jumps up on the sink and waits pitiably for me to turn on the water. Cold. Dribble speed. Does this sound familiar? ^-.-^

    • Yes! I look for open seats but have learned that Sue will not be pleased if I stop for a drink. She seems okay with me drinking from the shower however. And I am still teaching her to run the water for me in the sink when I ask … she is rather slow and impatient to learn this. ~ 🙂 Benji

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