Gardening with Benji and Tiger

We finally have a few days with no rain in the forecast so it is time for some serious spring gardening. My goal today is to prepare the beds for planting and for this work I am joined by my faithful assistant Benji.  We focus our attention on a vegetable bed which has been taken over by a massive tangle of unidentified roots.

When it’s time for a break Benji  heads to the stream and I can’t help but notice what a handsome boy he is, a real tribute to the feline species!  He seems to understand this and poses for me.

After the work is nearly done, Tiger joins us and finds the catmint beginning to sprout amid another tangle of weeds.  I’ll save that for next time.

~   Susanne

7 Comments on “Gardening with Benji and Tiger

  1. My little princess is not shy about dirt and mud, and she would love a stream (she loves all flowing water). She has yet to express any affinity for tools, or to distinguish garden plants from weeds, etc. Her real asset is just being nice to have around–until she yowls for some inscrutable reason.

    • You have a lovely princess indeed! Far above the use of average human tools! I was happy to have Benji’s help in the garden and he also enjoyed himself. And we all love the stream! My husband built it and it turns on with a flip of a switch! 🙂

      • Wow–it looks like a natural stream! A little shallow for trout, though. 🙂

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