Saturday morning with Sue

This is Tiger and today is a good day because I got to have time alone in the office with Sue, which is increasingly hard to do in this two cat household.

While it’s true Benji and I have come to agreement on some territory  (he gets the bedroom, I get the room with grandma) the last undeclared outpost is Sue’s office, which is the best room in the house.  Why?

Well, it has the latest in cat equipment for one.

The best views.

Great sleeping accommodations.

But most importantly, it has Sue, for this is where you will find her most of the time drinking coffee, working on our blog, and producing a lap for us to enjoy.

Who could ask for more?

And so I remain,

~ the contented Tiger

10 thoughts on “Saturday morning with Sue

  1. You make a compelling case for adopting a second cat, Tiger–maybe Effie would want to stay inside with me more while I’m working. But I’m allergic to cats, and two would just put the histamine load over the top. At least Effie has Halvor to taunt through the fence surrounding Effieland.

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