A Northwest Winter Sunset

I caught the sun setting on what has been a very long winter in the Pacific Northwest.

Eagerly awaiting spring to come.

~ Susanne

11 Comments on “A Northwest Winter Sunset

    • Thank you! I saw the sunset through my office window and had to run out in a hurry with my camera. Maybe it’s a foretaste of spring to come! 🙂

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      • We went to Moscow this afternoon to get some things at the Co-Op and Tri-State, and the rain was incredible. They’ve had floods a little bit north of there. The rivers have exceeded their beds. Some folks in northern Idaho are probably beginning to think spring a tad overrated.

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      • You’ve probably heard that Seattle has had record breaking rain since October. Relentless. They are forecasting nice weather on Monday the first day of spring… but then more rain…. sigh….

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  1. I live in S.W.Wash. and I can certainly relate. Spring and summer can’t get here soon enough after this long cold and wet winter. Jeff

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