Grandma the Cat Whisperer

Don’t tell Benji but I am not as brave as he thinks I am. Oh, I hiss at him all right and swipe at him when I must. (Part of the training.  He must learn after all.)  But it’s all for appearances. I won’t hurt the little one for I am a dignified and gentle soul.


I am also what humans call skittish. I don’t like the label but I admit it’s true. Inside I carry secret things from previous lives lived in shadows and confinement.  It is because of this I don’t like strangers or small spaces or closed doors or sudden noises.

Sue loves me and I know she understands.  But she is more and more preoccupied with the young one.  He does need the extra attention to get him safely through his first few lives so I don’t hold this against her. We are all still adjusting.

In the meantime I enjoy visiting grandma in her nice big room.  I even learned from her that the closed door can be good;  it is not to keep me in, but to keep us in peace when Benji  has the fire in his eyes. (He can’t help it. He is young and carries secrets too.)


Grandma explains things to me in her normal voice and I appreciate it. She tells me when it’s time for bed and when I can go outside.  When to ignore the boy and when to stand up for myself.  I have even taken to sleeping on her lap and she does not move or disturb my rest.

I think I have the best of everything here.

I call her Grandma the Cat Whisperer.

~  Tiger

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