Daily Prompt: Unseen ~ by Benji

This is Benji and every day is fun when you’re outside and unseen.  My favorite spot is on the perch Bob made for me.  It’s best when it’s sunny and dry but it even works nice in the rain because the branches overhead provide me shelter.  (Boy, they thought of everything!)

From my perch I can see people outside the fence walking by but they can’t see me.  I hear their talk and I hear their laughter and I know their secrets. Even their dogs don’t know I am watching them.  Nor do the small ones who live in the ivy.  I can detect the tiniest rustle of the leaves and I know their faintest movements. When they leave their cover, I am ready to chase the little hole diggers.

When I am tired, I come inside and dream of tomorrow.

I am a most happy kitty.

~ Benji

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