Tiger ~ there’s a long winter ahead

This is Tiger and I gotta tell you it’s not been easy training my little brother, Benji.

No, he’s not my blood brother even if there is a resemblance. We couldn’t be more different. I’m the strong one with the white feet; he’s the pipsqueak with the chopped ear.  He is young and impertinent.  I am wise and mature.  He is bold and hyperactive. I have learned to conserve my energy so it’s available when needed. He is as impetuous as youth. I am a cautious and sensitive soul.

My mission is to train the lad in the subtle ways of the Cat and teach him submission. It is an arduous task.  Sue helps me out when she can using the squirt bottle as needed.   Grandma provides me refuge in her room when I need a break.  When she closes the door it is she and I against the world.

And when I tire of it all I flee outside to secret places. I know my kingdom like the back of my paw and can easily lose the cowboy in the bush.  (Hmmmm … now there’s a thought….)  Unfortunately the seasons are changing and I smell snow in the mountains nearby. Soon I shall have to hole up inside.  It shall be a long winter.

And so I remain,


~ the Tiger

6 Comments on “Tiger ~ there’s a long winter ahead

  1. Lots of long dark afternoons and evening to whip him into shape!
    After that, you can start training Ollie!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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