Mt Rainier on a summer day…

We don’t usually make the drive to Mt. Rainier on a sunny Saturday in the middle of summer.  But this past weekend that is exactly what we decided to do, heading from Renton through Enumclaw  to the Sunrise side of the mountain.  We didn’t make it all the way to the Visitor Center (6,400 ft) as we opted out of the bumper to bumper traffic at the entrance gate. No matter. The mountain is not limited to the boundaries of the park and we found incredible views nonetheless.

It’s Mount Rainier, after all.

~ Susanne




4 Comments on “Mt Rainier on a summer day…

  1. You do make me a little homesick sometimes! 🙂 I’ve ridden my bike–years ago, when I COULD–twice to the Mt. Rainier summit. But even from the lower country, The Mountain is certainly spectacular.

    • Wow! Impressive. We saw some cyclists along side the road and wondered how they could do it. I agree that however you get there and from whatever angle, The Mountain is amazing! and to think it’s practically in my backyard! 🙂

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