Garden Cheer

Sometimes when I am weary I go to my garden and just by being in the presence of green and color and life and fragrance I am cheered.

I especially love the lavender.

The bees love it too.

And then there are the strawberries.  Tiger likes to drink from their leaves after the rain is over…

I like the glorious red of the sweet berries ..

~ Susanne

6 Comments on “Garden Cheer

  1. What a beautiful garden you have, and how happy I know Tiger is to help you enjoy it!

    • Thank you. I do love my garden and Tiger does too. My photography skills are a bit wanting but I keep trying my best to capture the beauty. 🙂

      • Now how could I possibly know that you have a beautiful garden if your photos failed to capture its beauty?

      • thank you so much .. I do appreciate your comments.. 🙂 ~ I’ve been using my phone to take photos and have been pondering an upgrade to a “real” camera.. .. we shall see…

  2. Your garden is much neater and tidier than ours, Susanne. lavender is always nice, with its lovely aroma, and attracting lots of bees.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • thanks Pete. Some parts are neat and tidy 🙂 ~ my husband built those nice garden beds for me and I do my best to fill them… the lavender is my favorite …

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