Life During a Pandemic – A River Walk and Facetime with Mom

Yesterday we walked along the Cedar River Trail.

There were a handful of others with the same idea and we all kept our distance,

even the ducks.

The willow trees were beautiful and weeping once more

The cherry trees (or plum – I can’t tell them apart) were fragrant in bloom,

but the flowering current had the best shades of pink.

It was all wonderful, but there was more to come.

For after our walk we stopped by my mom’s apartment, where she has been in lockdown the last three weeks, with limited opportunity to even leave her room.

Through it all she has remained cheerful and upbeat – at 90 she has seen it all.

That’s my beautiful mom.

~ Susanne

Dreaming of a Road Trip

I hope there’s a road trip in my future this spring.

I don’t know what the rules will be.

We’d take our little trailer

on lonely highways through wide open spaces

with sunsets like this

and practice social distancing.

~ Susanne

2019 ‘Cat-Human Relationships’ photography competition winner – Susanne Swanson from the US

Oh hey! Benji and I are featured on Katzenworld today as they showcase winners of the International Cat Care competition.  We are the month of May in the calendar.    Check it out!!  🙂

Source: 2019 ‘Cat-Human Relationships’ photography competition winner – Susanne Swanson from the US

Benji Makes Quarantine Fun!

I, like you,  have been in quarantine – staying at home – sheltering in place – or whatever else you want to call it.

But it was only the last 8 days that I ACTUALLY stayed at home as I’ve been nursing a head cold (or was it a mild case of coronavirus – who can know for sure?)

Whatever it was,  I am thankfully over the hump and will soon be qualified to leave the house again, if only occasionally for necessities.

In the meantime you may have noticed I’ve been blogging more than usual.  You may also have noticed that Benji has been featured more often as well.

I can’t help it.

Yesterday I found him in my bag…

where undeterred by my hysterical laughter,

he settled down for a nap.

Benji makes quarantine fun.

~ Susanne and Benji

Benji’s New Perch

As much as Benji loved his perch he’d obviously outgrown it.  It was time for an upgrade.

So I found a nice one at the pet store and brought it home.

“What do you think Benji?” I asked.

“Hmm,” he said.  “You could have gone bigger.”

“Very funny Benji.  Try the top bunk.”

So he did.

“Still seems a bit small,” he said.

“Oh come on Benji. You’re hanging out on purpose!”

“Relax Sue.  I was just kidding.  It’s perfect.”

“You’re welcome Benji.”

~ Susanne and Benji

Cats and Crows from the Office

Benji and I are in the office. He’s paying attention to the crows out front.

They’re getting materials for nesting..

twigs and soft materials like this.

I watch the pair wishing them good luck.

I notice Benji has disappeared and then I hear some commotion from the closet.

I stifle a laugh.

“Benji what are you doing in there?”

“Almost got it Sue.”

“There!  Perfect!  Thanks for the new bag.  It’s going to work great.”

“Sure Benji.  I’ll just find another place to store my camera.”

🙂 🙂

~ Susanne and Benji

A Conversation with Benji in Quarantine

“When’s it gonna end, Sue?”

“What’s that Benji?”

“This confinement. It’s getting on my nerves.”

“It’s only been a week Benji.  Besides. You’re not in quarantine.”

“But you are Sue. And it feels longer in cat years.”

“I suppose it does Benji. But it will be over soon.  And we’ll have learned something in the meantime.  And hopefully appreciate more all the freedoms we really have.”

“Okay Sue. Whatever you say.”

~ Susanne and Benji

Let’s Go Visit the Daffodils!

At least virtually!  It was a year ago that we went to see the daffodils in bloom in Skagit Valley, the first time ever, though I’ve lived in Washington my whole life!

We made the journey 60 miles north of Seattle to Roozengaarde, which according to their website,  “was established in 1985 by the Roozen family and Washington Bulb Company Inc. The Roozen family business of growing Tulips, Daffodils and Irises is the largest in the world, covering Skagit Valley with more than 1000 acres of field blooms and 16 acres of greenhouses.”

During the last part of March the yellow beauties are on display while tulips are the stars of April.

It was wonderful traipsing through the fields – on the designated pathways of course –

and visiting the charming town of La Conner afterwards for lunch and shopping.

The virtual tour will have to do this year. The display gardens at Roozengaarde are closed as are all other nonessential businesses due to the nasty coronavirus.

We do our part to flatten the curve.

Stay safe.

~ Susanne

Ohi’a Lehua Hawaiian Flower

On our recent trip to Oahu I kept seeing this beautiful flower – endemic to Hawaii – and recognized as the Big Island’s official island flower.

Even the name is lovely – Ohi’a Lehua – for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

~ Susanne

Gleanings from Oahu’s Turtle Bay Resort

I’ve already posted the highlights from last month’s trip to Oahu – it seems like a lifetime ago!

But as we are all in need of armchair travel during these pandemic days I thought I’d share a few more pictures from Paradise, with more from Turtle Bay Resort.

Every morning the sun would pour through our window and I would enjoy this view of Kuilima Cove from our balcony.

We walked the undeveloped grounds and found many places to sit and reflect.

We even came across an historic pillbox from WW2  which made my husband happy.

And every night we gathered to watch the sun go down

and were mesmerized by this unique water feature which would occasionally blow up as a water spout.

Remembering the beauty of Oahu while sheltering in place.

~ Susanne

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