Benji and Temptations

No, not just ordinary kitty temptations like batting the Kleenex off the shelf onto my head, or lying in wait to ambush his big brother, but rather Temptations of the snack variety.

He ADORES the treats in the yellow bag and has taken to prancing about to get them as often as he can, wearing me down with his cuteness.

Who can resist?

~ Susanne and Benji

19 Comments on “Benji and Temptations

  1. So cute! I see he even blinks his eyes to get on your good sideπŸ˜€But then, our kitties are always on our good side, right?😻

    • He doesn’t have to do much to get on my good side, for sure! And when he jumps up on the table and begins to prance, wanting his snacks, I can’t resist! 😸😻

  2. And my cats had to have their food and treats behind a secured door – otherwise the bag would be shredded and any plastic pouches riddled with punctures. With enough perforations they could extract the contents. Sort of vampire style! Glad your kitties have better manners!

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