Looking for Cobalt and Finding it in Puget Sound

Who doesn’t love cobalt blue?

So I went looking for some in my archives for the last color challenge of the year at Sunday Stills. That should be easy, right? The best skies are cobalt blue, and the sky is everywhere, after all!

Ah, but I’m from Seattle; and despite the song, the bluest skies you’ve ever seen are not found here – at least not often enough.

But then I remembered Puget Sound, a body of water I have explored since my youth, visiting its parks, walking its beaches, crossing it by ferry, and even swimming in its ice-cold waters, though I admit that swimming was long, long ago.

Earlier this year when winter was slowly becoming spring, we visited Seattle’s Carkeek Park, one of the best on Puget Sound. It was a clear and cold, windy day and all was cobalt blue, including the Olympic Mountains that served as the backdrop.

I love Puget Sound. An inlet of the Pacific Ocean, it’s the second largest estuary in the United States. Puget Sound is also used to describe the region and cities surrounding it in Northwest Washington, including Seattle, my hometown.

Makes me want to bundle up right now and head to the beach.

~ Susanne

35 Comments on “Looking for Cobalt and Finding it in Puget Sound

  1. Wow, the views are spectacular, Susanne! The white caps, the mountains… Beautiful. ❀️☺️

    • Thanks so much, Terri! The waters of Puget Sound truly are cobalt blue! I took my photos facing west so the mountains you see are the Olympics, not the Cascades. It can be hard to tell them apart! 😊 Both mountain ranges are beautiful!

  2. Thanks for including the Coast Guard cutter in one of your beautiful Puget Sound photos. The ferries plying those waters are featured so often that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that even on inland seas the Coast Guard is a vibrant and vital part of maritime life. And also, I especially liked the beach wave photos – clarity so superb one can almost hear the hiss of water on rocks!

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  4. Living somewhere you love makes life bearable when bad things happen, and enhances the good times too. It seems like you made a good choice by staying in that area, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • So true, Pete! we do love the Seattle area, surrounded by water and mountains, despite the cloudy skies and weather. 😊

  5. Amazing waters! I was once stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington and fly in across Puget Sound in an old Army Huey helicopter. I was working summer camp for ROTC and a pilot needed to do some flight time and gathered 3 soldiers. I gladly volunteered! We flew over the Sound, a navel yard and Bill Gate’s house, then near the Space Needle. Exciting times!

    • I love flying into Seattle on a clear day with views of the Sound and the mountains. Your close-up tour must have been wonderful! Great memories!

  6. It sure is lovely over there when the skies are clear. Been cloudy a lot here lately.

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