A Gift from Benji

It’s tough on the boys when we go on vacation. Not that they want to come along; they just prefer we remain at their beck and call. To let them in and to let them out. To dish up canned food early in the morning. To sit with them in the garden. To hand out treats and cater to their every whim.

So when we come home they let us know they’re happy we’re back.

And so it was, late on the evening of our return, after Benji had gone outside I heard him cry through an open window. Not his usual cry – a distress signal of sorts I thought. So I opened the front door – too late to see what was in his mouth – which he brought inside and dropped at my feet.

Fortunately the mouse was already quite dead – not an ounce of life left in him.

I knew it was a gift so I received it while he pranced around wild-eyed.

“Welcome back, Sue!”

Yes indeed. It’s good to be home.

~ Susanne and Benji

17 Comments on “A Gift from Benji

    • Yes indeed. I could only see how excited he was, and I was thankful it was dead. Many years ago I had a cat bring a live rat into the house through the window! Now that was traumatic!

  1. I received simply tribute last week and I didn’t go anywhere! I see that Benji is happy to have you home! Did you bring him a homecoming gift?

      • Of course! I took a short road trip with two of my kids one summer. I bought a stuffed toy for the dogs and didn’t have anywhere to put it. I rode home in the dirty clothes in my suitcase. The dogs were thrilled to get it! I came home and gave them a toy scented like me. They were happy and carried that toy non-stop for weeks. My husband thinks I’m silly to bring home souvenirs for the dogs, but it is fun for me! I can’t eat all the luscious ice cream that you do, so I have to do something!

  2. He loves you! Our kitties usually remain a bit aloof for a couple hours after we return to let us know they weren’t too happy about our absence. But then all is forgiven and they hop up on the bed wanting cuddles.

    • They do have their own ways to get the message across. Tiger has a harder time and will go outside for hours. Benji is very affectionate and wants lots of attention, but this is the first time he brought me such a fine gift! 😺

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