Some Things Never Change

This is Tiger, who despite the name, is a mellow fellow.

This is Benji – a sweet boy and lots of fun but not mellow at all – perhaps you can tell by the eyes.

One morning Tiger dropped by my office for a visit and afterwards guarded the door.

Until Benji came long.

“Move over buster that’s my spot,” he said while Tiger looked to me for help.

“Tiger was here first, Benji,” I said, knowing it was futile.

Some things never change.

~ Susanne

19 Comments on “Some Things Never Change

  1. I’ve noticed that even among our harmonious sibling cats from the same litter, when one decides he or she wants a certain spot, any cat who is in that spot will be slapped at and often, routed out of the place. I try to intervene to little avail.

    • We had Tiger a few years before we got Benji.. You’d think Tiger would claim his senior status but he’s timid and Benji took over.. They have to work it out themselves I think. 😸😸

    • He’s a rescue cat and it was ‘tipped’ when we got him. That usually means a feral cat has been neutered then released. We got him from Seattle Humane and they don’t do that so I’ll never quite know the whole story.

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