Springing with the Birds!

I love this time of year when color brightens up the garden, starting with the azaleas.

The birds love it too as they woo a mate and look for nesting places. Wrens and chickadees visit the tiny houses, and the choices are endless.

“How about one of these, Midge? Do you prefer stationary or swinging?”

‘A little too close to the neighbors, Bill. And I was hoping for something more traditional, perhaps in stone. What about this one?”

“Perfect,” he said. “Let’s get to work.”


17 Comments on “Springing with the Birds!

  1. Love that diffused photo with the bikes, and also that you have so many places for the birds to stay when they visit! A great photo essay!

    • Thanks so much John. As I watched them visit the accommodations, I couldn’t help hearing – I mean imagining – their conversations. πŸ˜„

    • Yes indeed. 😊 Fortunately if you have a lot of plants and shrubs they take turns. My clematis next month will steal the show!

      • Oh, you are making me so lonesome for the days when my knees allowed me to garden. Among other plants, I had over a hundred rose bushes. Now I have only memories.

      • Wow, over a hundred roses!! I keep trying and manage to keep a few roses alive! You’re welcome to visit my garden anytime!

  2. A great selection of birdhouses indeed, Susanne. The Azaleas are lovely. We don’t have the right kind of soil to grow those in our garden.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I like seeing a preview of our flowering azaleas. It is fun that you are just about a month ahead of us. Our robins have returned for the third year to nest under the porch off my study. Last year she had three broods. A very busy pair indeed.

  4. Ah, you have azaleas out already! Beautiful! It’s still a little early for them here in London. I love your imagined bird conversation πŸ˜†

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