A Rainy Day in the Spring Garden

It was inevitable that the real spring would finally show up in the Pacific Northwest.  Where it rains, then it shines, then it blows, then it rains again.  Today was such a day.

But in between those rain squalls Benji and I managed to visit the garden.

Me, to take pictures of the azaleas in bloom,

and the hummingbirds feeding.

He,  to get a manicure.

~ Susanne and Benji

7 Comments on “A Rainy Day in the Spring Garden

  1. Lovely to see the flowers and those hummingbirds, Susanne. I hope they fly fast enough to escape Benji!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. I think they do. I have yet to see him pay any attention to a hummingbird. Larger birds haven’t been as fortunate. 🙄

  2. Well, a month behind you we now have crocus, snow drops and little iris. No leaves yet though. Thanks for the preview of spring.

  3. Looks like Benji takes his claw sharpening quite seriously! My sister’s cat does catch hummingbirds so she has to come inside when the birds are out. Then she watches them from the window and makes that funny chirping sound that cats do!

    • The wood is perfect for keeping the nails trimmed!! I’ve never seen Benji get a hummingbird but you never really know. 😐 my dilemma of loving both birds and cats!

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