A Good Day in the January Garden

One day earlier this month, when the sun was shining and temperatures were approaching sixty degrees,  I went outside and found Benji hard at work.

“Whatcha doing there Benji?”

“Getting ready for planting,” he replied. “Looks like spring is here.”

“Thanks Benji,” I said, “But you’ve been fooled by the weather.  Spring’s a long way out yet.  But I could really use your help over here.  We’ve got a mole problem again.”

“Okay Sue! I’m on it,” he replied.

And he was.

~ Susanne and Benji

22 Comments on “A Good Day in the January Garden

    • Yes, we love our Benji! Mr. Personality! I’m a confirmed cat person, but I wouldn’t mind having a dog someday, especially for walking. Only they’re more work, and I don’t think Tiger and Benji would approve! 🙂

      • Bear is definitely my running buddy but gets a bit wild in the house when it’s too cold to go outside for long.

        If I get a cat one day I’ll definitely get a rescue.

    • Yeah, probably a smaller tunnel dweller like a vole. After this he concentrated on even smaller insects in the grass which made for a nice snack!

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