Let me in

Sue, Sue, let me in. It’s cold out here.

Are you coming?

She’s fooling with that camera again.

~ Tiger

11 Comments on “Let me in

    • Yes, he’s a poor neglected cat! haha. My husband and I are the doormen to our 2 cats; we let them in and out all day long! This time Tiger had to wait an extra minute to come in. 🙂

      • And what does Benji think about it?
        I put a small window in the bottom of my entrance door, so they come in and out whenever they want.

      • Benji and Tiger are spoiled cats and have us trained to let them in and out whenever they want. A good deal for them I think! 🙂

  1. Lol. That last one has all the air of ‘I can wait… But you should know that the longer I wait, the more at liberty I am to change my mind when you do get round to opening the door.’

    • I thought he looked disgusted with me! I made him wait a whole minute before letting him in! Then he probably came in for two minutes, had a snack, and wanted back out again, which of course I obliged. I love my cats! 🙂 🙂

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