Sunrise over Woods that Remain

The Tiffany Park Woods are mostly gone but these trees still stand as a remnant, beautiful by the dawn’s early light.

~ Susanne

8 Comments on “Sunrise over Woods that Remain

    • Yes, I decided to focus on the loveliness that remains, rather than the barren spots and construction still underway. Sunrise makes everything beautiful! 🙂

    • The 22 acres known as the Tiffany Park Woods was not technically a park, just land held by the school district. Unfortunately they were sold for development and only a few patches of the woods remain.

  1. Just been looking at some of your other posts about this. I’d find that SO hard to watch. So sad 😦 I hope they have done something useful with the wood?

    • Yes, it’s been hard to watch. 😦 I assume they sold the wood that was usable. It was a rather violent process of ripping the trees out and I’d never seen that before. I also worried about where the birds and deer would go. Fortunately there are lots of other woods in the area so I think they must have found homes there. thanks for your comment. 🙂

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