Red Sun Gray Ash

Today we woke up to hazy skies through which a red sun glowed.  Though eerily beautiful it is not normal and attests only to raging fires everywhere in the Northwest; ironically at the same time that flooding engulfs the Southeast.

DSC02854 (2)

Other evidence of the fires can be found in the ash floating in the air and landing on our cars.

A strange end to summer to be sure.

Praying and eagerly awaiting rain in the Northwest and sun in the Southeast!

~ Susanne

11 Comments on “Red Sun Gray Ash

  1. We’re praying for rain too! The fires have Effie and me smoked in–except for decking out in a particle mask to make a quick egg run up our hill!

  2. I was flying home from Chicago yesterday (Alex had one final dental appointment so we made it a fun weekend) – and I checked the weather forecast for Los Angeles – it said, for the first time, the word “SMOKE” under the temperature!

      • A big brush fire north of us…large but it’s in an area of all mountain and brush – only a few buildings destroyed so we were lucky – but that’s also WHY it burned, really wild area

      • Glad to hear few homes impacted and not too close to you.. so many worrisome fires in Washington and Oregon right now.. really hoping for the rain to come soon!

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