The Woodpecker

Today they arrived behind our house and I stood watching as the claw gripped the tree where it was thick and full of life and the saw ate through its girth and the claw hoisted it upward into the air and downward where it smashed to the ground where others lay and while I was watching I saw the bird land on the tree nearby and maybe I only imagined the panic of the small and fragile red-headed woodpecker as he climbed upward hoping this one would not come down, but I don’t think so.

~ Susanne

9 Comments on “The Woodpecker

    • Thanks for your understanding. Even that helps. Yesterday I was more matter of fact about it. But seeing that beautiful bird made me lose it! My consolation is that there are some other woods nearby they can flee to!

      • We get quite a few birds in our yard. I feed them during the winter not so much in spring and summer when food is plentiful. I have to be careful as Benji is quite a hunter. Both cats are indoor/outdoor types!

  1. Let’s pray that woodpeckers will continue to find homes and proliferate. They are surely worth more than more suburban subdivisions! I feel for you–it’s painful to watch, I know.

    • Yes! It hit me harder today seeing the tree ripped out and the beautiful bird nearby. There are other woods not too far away so I hope they find homes there and flourish!

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