Cedar River Trail and the Big Birds Beside

Today was overcast but just right for a morning walk along the Cedar River Trail.

The river was flowing gently while reflecting the flowers and trees alongside its banks,

and the ducks were enjoying the flow.


It wasn’t long before the Big Birds came into view. The Trail meanders along the river and through Boeing’s Renton Plant, home to the best selling commercial airliner of all time, the 737.  (Did you know a Boeing 737 takes off or lands somewhere every two seconds?)

The Boeing Renton Factory opened during the 1940’s and produced the B29 Bombers used during World War II.

When I was growing up Seattle was known as the Jet City and everyone knew someone who worked at Boeing. Boeing is still the largest private employer in the state of Washington.

The 737, which went into production in 1967, is still manufactured at the Renton plant and can be seen lining both sides of the river.

We talk with a guard who points out the 737 MAX currently under construction, distinguishable by the unique ‘pincher’ on the end of its wings.

We follow the trail to the south end of Lake Washington and stop to enjoy the views.

It won’t be long before color lights up the trees on the trail.

We’ll be back for the show.

~ Susanne

2 Comments on “Cedar River Trail and the Big Birds Beside

  1. I hadn’t realised about the Boeing factory, Susanne. Some interesting aviation history there.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. We’re used to having Boeing here in our backyard. The first plants in Seattle go back earlier but the Renton plant a few miles south was the biggest and most productive starting with WW2.

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