More than half way there

After a rendezvous with winter earlier this week (was it really only six days ago?)


the rain quickly followed and washed the snow away leaving only heavy clouds by yesterday.

Today the sun emerged victorious giving us a foretaste of spring.  Still cold but perfect for walking so we headed to Gene Coulon Park on Lake Washington, where children played, and walkers of all ages joined us on the path. The lucky ones sailed by in their boats.


Even Mt Rainier made an appearance.


A small reprieve in the dead of winter to give us hope for spring to come.  Be encouraged.  We are more than halfway there.

~ Susanne

7 Comments on “More than half way there

  1. Spring has its beautiful ways of sidling up to us, on both sides of the Continental Divide. . .

    • Ah yes. 🙂 Apparently we will have a few more days of this lovely weather.. I’ll enjoy it while I can. Hopefully March will not come in like a lion!

      • I so hope the meadowlarks will come–they’re usually here in January! We’ve had our brigade of lions!

  2. We had snow yesterday, and sunshine today. The weather appears to be as confused as I am!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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