Tiger woes

From the Tiger ~ 

I don’t mean to complain but I gotta tell you the new boy is getting on my nerves. I’m talking about the one they call Benji (aka, Squeaker and Stinker, Sue’s words, not mine.)

She must have known I was lonely ever since Shadow went away (may he rest in peace.)  Yes, I do miss my brother.  He was the greatest friend and confidante a cat could ever have. Always looking out for me.  Always there for me to lean on.


And who can forget all the fun we had together exploring the great outdoors?

Boys Outside

So a companion would be nice.  But can this new kit on the block really take the place of Shadow?

The problem is, he never stops moving!  Pestering!  Stalking!  Can’t he see I’m twice as big as he is?   Only my hissing keeps him at bay and I don’t want to hiss everyday the rest of my life! It’s against my better nature.  I’m gonna have to bop him one real soon because despite all my warnings he cannot seem to stay away from me.  He’s always lurking somewhere ready to spring.

And get this.   I found him sleeping on the big bed which is definitely against the rules!  I’m gonna have to teach him a few things and the sooner the better!

From the Benji ~

I think he likes me.


7 Comments on “Tiger woes

  1. Tiger, I think you’re being kind of control freaky with Benji.

    Benji, I’m not sure whether you’re right, optimistic, or delusional.

    I like you both, and I know you’ll work this out.

    ❤ ❤

    • Hi Lauren, Yes, I think they will work it out… however slowly… Benji is just being a playful kitten … he just can’t help wanting to track Tiger’s every move. Poor Tiger just wants to be left alone .. he has been the one to run away from any encounters the last few weeks… hissing is an improvement I think because it will teach Benji to respect his elders! Then they can learn to coexist peacefully …

  2. I got a notification about your National Parks post, but it doesn’t seem to be on your blog. Just to let you know.
    Regards, Pete.

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