To Benji ~ from the Tiger

Tiger here.  Solidarity, that’s what I’m talkin’ about little brother.  These sniffles are for you (maybe even from you.)  I bear them for your sake like the soldier that I am.  I know what it’s like to be the new cat on the block.  I came up from the streets just like you did (so to speak;  let’s just say I know the inside of a jail.)

So Benji, I know you’re here.  I hear your squeaks from the room below.  I hear you flying through the house when you think I’m not around.  (Careful boy, you still have lots to learn.) And I saw your paw stickin’ out today from under your cell.  Ah, the quest for freedom! Don’t worry, it’s coming little brother.  I can feel it in my whiskers.

But before we become a fully integrated household I need to let you know a few things.

First of all, Sue has confirmed to me that I shall remain the number 1 feline in this house.  Yes, I’m Number 1 and that means you must needs be Number 2.  Sorry, but you’ll get used to it.  I did.  My big brother Shadow (may he rest in peace) used to hold that most privileged status.  (Don’t deny it Sue; you know it’s true.)  I miss him, but now the title comes to me and I will set the standards for cat behavior in this home.  See below.

Number 1 Entitlements

Full submission from #2 in  all things, all matters and all disputes.

Exclusive rights to sleep on the big bed upstairs.

Exclusive rights to Sue’s office (includes blogging rights with picture.)

Exclusive rights to the bigger critters in back.  (You’ll learn what that means later.  Trust me on this.)

Full visiting privileges to your room with grandma.

In and out privileges at will.

Number 2 Responsibilities

Submission to #1 in all things, all matters and all disputes.

I think that should cover it.

Signing out for now till we meet in the flesh ~ the Tiger




6 Comments on “To Benji ~ from the Tiger

  1. thanks Pete.. Unfortunately with Tiger sniffling and the little boy slowly healing I’m still trying to keep them physically apart.. (the vet said wait a month when we brought Benji in, but I don’t think I can wait that long.. and he is much much better.) For now they both have their designated times to roam the house, unhindered by the other.. I’m hoping for a real face to face meeting within the next few days ..

  2. Whoa, Tige–pretty heavy, though necessary. Hierarchy is a precept of nature your humans understand, and Benji will too.

    • I am ready to give Tiger number 1 feline status as he has earned it; but dear little Benji has already won our hearts! 🙂 Susanne

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