Hooray for Road Trips!

I’ll be taking a break the next week or so and thought it would be a good time to reblog the story of a wonderful road trip we took across the USA a few years ago. For those of you who missed it the first time, Hooray for Road Trips! I hope you come along for the ride! This is the first of 4 parts. ~ Susanne

Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

Okay, so off I go in a new direction.  Figuratively and literally. And it’s all about the classic American road trip. Yes, we’ve done a few.  In all four corners of this great country of ours.  And across the middle too.  And that is the one I will start with.  This was a while back when my husband had retired and to celebrate we decided to take a trip across the USA in our camper.

Research and planning began in earnest as we considered which places we’d most like to see on this six week adventure. I picked several places and Bob picked out a couple too (although truth be told, he’s all about the driving.)  You will never guess what they were.  No really, you wouldn’t.  Now you have to remember that we are from the Great Northwest and thus are not easily impressed by other places.  Why?  Well…

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Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

It wasn’t easy to choose but for the final Weekly Photo Challenge of the year I give you a few of my favorites from 2017.

I’ll start with sunrise over the Siuslaw River in Florence on the Oregon Coast.

And follow with my two favorite kitties, Benji and Tiger,  green and deep in cat thought.

I’ll move on with my favorite local tree against an unusual cloudy night sky.

And close with this sunset in Maui.

2017 Favorites

It was a good year.

~ Susanne

Patches of Blue

Some days the weather outside matches the weather inside.  Today was cold and dark, with steady rain and gusty winds.  I didn’t feel like it but went out regardless to run some errands.  As I left the last store I noticed the rain had stopped though the wind was chasing the clouds fiercely across the sky.  They raced in glorious shades of white, some like snow, some like wool or pale yellow and gray.  And finally some brilliant, infused with sun, all against increasing blue patches of sky.

I sometimes forget how the clouds only make the sky more beautiful.

~  Susanne

Those Sunny Days of Arizona

I love to retrieve a place again whenever the need arises.  And so as we enter the dark days of winter, it’s time to revisit the land of the Sun, where palm trees reach high into clear blue skies.

And the heat is almost unbearable you think as you walk the trails of the Desert Botanical Garden.

Where desert plants thrive and cacti abound, including my favorite, the saguaro.

These cacti crawl like snakes on the ground.

While this purple variety is pure loveliness.

So is the monarch feeding on desert flowers

And the quail standing coyly among the thorns.

Was it only last month?

~ Susanne

I reached for a towel…


and found Benji instead.

Happy Friday from Susanne and Benji!

In the Way Again

“Benji, did anyone ever tell you you’re in the way?”

DSC04171 (2)

“Only you Sue,” he said.

“Well it’s true Benji.  I’m trying to get some work done.  Do you need to be taking a bath right here, right now??”

DSC04172 (2)

“Of course I do Sue!  Where better?  I like to be where you are so it works out pretty well.  Plus your desk is dusty.  As soon as I jump up, I gotta clean up.”

“Well anyway Benji.  You’re in the way.  Can’t you find something else to do?”

“Sure Sue!”

DSC04177 (2)

“No, not that Benji!   Come back with my pencil!”

DSC04180 (2)

“Gee Sue, you’re so grouchy today.  I’ll just go back outside then if you don’t mind.”

“Yes, Benji, I think it’s for the best.  It’s a nice day out there, no reason for you to be inside. Finally I can get some work done!”

“My turn,” said the Tiger.

DSC04191 (2)

“Okay, I give up!”

~ from the desk of Susanne, Benji & Tiger


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascending over Mt Adams

On a recent flight from Seattle to Phoenix, I was lamenting the fact that I was once again sitting on the wrong side of the plane to see a close up of Mt Rainier.  A few minutes later, as we continued to ascend, the oft neglected and underappreciated Mt Adams came into full view as the sun was beginning to set.

I think I got the better deal this time.


~  Susanne

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