Practicing Moon Shots

Yesterday was cold and sunny and last night remained clear. Time to practice some moon shots.

I turned out the lights and went outside to watch as the moon rose over the trees. I took my tripod and cameras and wore my warm jacket and head lamp.

(I once took a nature photography class, and the instructor spent an entire session on safety. I thought it strange at the time, but not since, and am careful when I venture out, especially at night. But I digress)

I started with my Sony RX10 and liked the pictures of the moon lassoed by branches the best.

I followed with my new Lumix FZ300 for the best closeups; the 600 mm zoom clearly outperforming the 200 on my Sony.

Both cameras have their place and I’ll continue to practice with both when the weather cooperates. I woke to snow falling this morning – already turning to slush – and rain and snow are in the forecast all week.

Sharing with Sunday Stills, Lighting the Night!

~ Susanne

26 Comments on “Practicing Moon Shots

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  2. Both cameras caught the moon gorgeously, Susanne. But the 600 zoom on the Lumix is hard to beat for clarity. I’m glad it’s working out for you! A lovely way to light the night! We had too many wispy clouds last night to get a decent moon shot. Snow all week here and I get to go drive in it in a few minutes…yay.

    • Thanks, Terri! 😊 I’m still amazed at the Lumix zoom! I loved using it to shoot the moon! I was lucky to have one clear night to practice as nothing but rain and snow the rest of the week.

  3. Lovely moon shots, and it’s great to see you starting to get on better with the Lumix and appreciate its excellent zoom!

    • Thanks, Sarah. I’ve been slowly getting acquainted with the Lumix. And the zoom really made a difference with the moon shots!

  4. Great shots, Susanne, I am so jealous! My camera does not have a long enough zoom to get good moon shots.

    • Thanks so much. πŸ™‚ I was always happy with my Sony even with (only) 200 zoom. But I’m really having fun with the 600 on the Lumix!

  5. Coolness! I love your moon photos. Interesting about the instructor teaching on safety. But it makes sense, as the last thing you need is to trip over something and hurt yourself…or your camera! 😬

    • Thank you. 😊 I have remembered the safety tips from that class many times! It’s too easy to stumble in the dark, or get too close to the edge of a cliff trying to get the perfect shot!

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