Me and My Sony at Point Defiance!

I told you last week of my camera woes, when the zoom and controls on my Sony RX10 froze up. I thought it was the end of my favorite camera but after I replaced the battery and SD card, and restored initial settings, it’s back in service! Hooray!

To celebrate I took it on our drive to Point Defiance and snapped a few pictures of the grounds, gardens and wildlife.

First up is the Visitors Center, built in 1898 as a home for the Park Superintendent. I might have applied for the job myself if it meant living here.

Across the way is the Rose Garden but since it’s still asleep, I’ll show you the daffodils and hellebores coming up everywhere, a sure sign spring is on the way.

Ducks swam in the pond nearby

dwarfed by the giant Sequoia tree that stood next to it. The trees below look like miniatures

as does my husband.

Next we took the 5 mile drive through the forest and saw deer and raccoon hoping for a handout.

Who could resist that face?

Despite the sign, the raccoons managed to find some popcorn – not from us.

Point Defiance has everything including multiple gardens, forest, zoo, aquarium, waterfront, and even a fort! I’ve shared about our visits before including this blast from the past at the Rose Garden.

I’m so happy to have my camera back and it was a perfect day in the park, with the best weather we’ve had since last weekend’s snowstorm.

We’ll be back for more.

~ Susanne

17 Comments on “Me and My Sony at Point Defiance!

  1. Oh how I wish it were that simple to fix the tablet I was gifted by a friend last year which suddenly has decided to take a late winter hibernation, and the mfg unable to discern the underlying issue! I hope to see many more photos from your rehabilitated Sony! If you are near any rosebushes in the coming days, please point the Sony very, very close because you may find some new growth. Not blooms, of course, but leaves. My own early season roses (the blue and lavender varieties) have tiny, perfect burgundy colored leaves sprouting on bare stems – quite elegant! almost ikebana! – but unfortunately I am lacking your superb photography talent (as well as a suddenly defunct tablet) so cannot document this harbinger of an early spring.

    • Sorry about your tablet! I was happy that my Sony was revived! It has served me well and I wasn’t ready to part with it quite yet. I have a few roses in my garden and it’s time to prune them. I do see signs of life. Thanks. 😊🌹

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