Have you Ever Seen A Strawberry Tree?

On my walk at Lincoln Park this week I stopped to admire this giant shrub – or is it a tree? – and its brightly colored berries!

No they’re not really strawberries – apparently so bland that even the birds ignore them – its botanical name is Arbutus Unedo, native to the Mediterranean. But what it lacks in taste it makes up for in beauty!

Kind of a tree for Squares and Berries for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

~ Susanne

22 Comments on “Have you Ever Seen A Strawberry Tree?

  1. How funny! I posted the exact same tree this morning. Here in the Algarve the fruits are distilled into medronho, a very potent spirit. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. oh wow how fabulous you are sharing this when Jo did the very same today. Love how squarers brings bloggers together. There are always so many coincidences every month. Jo is right the drink is fiery – I am not too keen on it but MrB quite likes it!

    • Isn’t that fun? We both had the same idea today with these beautiful trees! It’s great to connect with bloggers from around the world and educational too, as I learned that the berries are distilled into a potent drink!

    • Apparently plentiful around the Mediterranean and another blogger told me the fruit can be distilled into a potent spirit! I think it’s beautiful just to look at. 😊

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