Hummingbirds Up Close

It’s been cold and damp here in the Northwest so it’s been a while since I’ve been outside watching the hummingbirds. I keep the feeders full of course and see them through the window but I haven’t gone out and waited for them with camera in hand. Yesterday I did.

They rewarded me by coming down to drink again and again, even coming two at a time which is unusual. I expect there’ll be more of that as the weather continues to change into the long dark days of winter and other food sources dry up.

The rain has returned today so there’ll be no watching outside – yesterday will have to do.

~ Susanne

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20 Comments on “Hummingbirds Up Close

  1. I’m sure the hummingbirds in your back yard are much happier than the ones in mine! You are much better at keeping your feeders full than I am! Maybe that should be one of my jobs for todayπŸ€”

  2. Mine have been very hungry – and flirty too! They pause outside our window and look in…how close are you able to get for these pics, which are GREAT!

    • Thanks so much John.😊 I guess they’re stocking up for winter. I envy you having them look in on you; I have to keep my feeders higher up and away from the house because of my 2 feline residents!

  3. What fun! It almost looks like the hummingbirds are posing for you. Thanks for sharing! 🌺

  4. Great pictures! Our neighbors must have up a feeder, because I’ve noticed hummingbirds in our back yard! It was an unusual treat.

  5. Your hummers look beautiful and happy, Susanne! Great shots of them in action! Did you get any of that huge winter storm that made its way into Spokane and Idaho on Friday? We left on Thursday in the nick of time. Feel free to link this post or a new one to my Sunday Stills theme “backyard birding” that publishes Sunday morning!

    • Thanks so much for your comment! It’s gotten really cold, rainy and windy here the last few days but has cleared up nicely this afternoon. And I’ll definitely link up to your post tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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