Tiger the therapy cat

Before there was Benji, Tiger was the star of this blog and this is what he had to say a few years ago.

Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

Hey there.  It’s me. Tiger, the handsome tabby and therapy cat.  What’s that, you say? Therapy Cat??  Okay, so maybe I’m not officially “certified”  (yes there is such a thing.) I don’t visit nursing homes like some of my cousins. Or hospitals. Or prisons.  (Well, I have been to jail but that’s a different story!)

Certified or not, I can make you feel better!  Watch me sleep and hear me purr and you will instantly relax.  Pet me and lower your blood pressure.

Utter relaxation ~ that's what I'm talkin about Utter relaxation ~ that’s what I’m talkin’ about

More importantly, I will listen to you.  Yes, you heard right.

I am a great listener.

We cats hear it all and keep it to ourselves. The words you say when you think you’re alone. The words you don’t say.  We can read you with our “feline sense.”

Yes, it’s true. Give me a minute here and  I’ll show…

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10 Comments on “Tiger the therapy cat

  1. I checked, and I was around for Tiger’s post in 2016. Great to see that he is still here, and chilling out while Benji does all the chasing around. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. Your assessment is right on. These two couldn’t be more different, but have learned to get on together okay – at least most of the time. 😉

  2. I think you are right that we connected near the beginning of each of our blogs. This one was new to me and I enjoyed when Tiger was the star of the household.

    • Thanks so much. He used to get a lot more blog time before Benji came along and stole the show. He’s a sweet senior cat much more mellow than his younger brother.

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