Pull Up a Seat

There’s nothing better than a couple of Adirondack chairs –

Next to a field of lavender,

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean,

On the dock at Lake Washington,

Or in your own back yard.

For Pull Up a Seat, photo challenge.

~ Susanne


14 Comments on “Pull Up a Seat

  1. What a great set of shots for that challenge, Susanne.
    It’s so good that you were able to find that selection in so many different places.
    Well done! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. There are a great number of these at Acadia National Park where you can rest and eat popovers with blueberry jam. If you two ever get out to Maine be sure to park yourself on two more chairs.

      • I camped at the state park one time in the early ’90s and just drove through the resort. It’s so beautiful at both places and I always thought it would be awesome to rent one of the resort cabins, but still haven’t done it yet!

      • On this trip we camped at the Hoh River, then stopped at Kalaloch for breakfast. Years before we stayed in a cabin on the bluff. Both were great!

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