Lying Awake at Night

Do you ever have those nights when you can’t get to sleep? You lie awake, tossing and turning but can’t get comfortable.

Your mind is racing and everything looks worse the more you think about it.

Me too.

Happy Monday from Benji. 🙂

~ Susanne

14 Comments on “Lying Awake at Night

  1. Poor Benji. Cats are not supposed to worry- leave that to the humans.

    • Okay I have to confess. I’m the one who can’t get to sleep! Benji can sleep anytime!! He was actually helping me make the bed in these pictures! 😻

  2. That second photo really illustrates what it is like to wake in the night. Glad that Benji doesn’t have that problem. Sorry that you and everyone else I know does.

  3. Aww, “Benj” at first Panda and I thought you really couldn’t sleep, so I was going to suggest going in the living room and playing with ping pong balls and whiffle balls because they are so fun, plus they make lots of noise on the hardwood floor! But then we realized it was Sue who couldn’t sleep, so I guess all that playing at 2:00 AM wouldn’t be the best idea!
    -Foster 🐱

    • Hi Foster! I tried playing in the middle of the night but Sue wasn’t keen on it. I thought she might to join me since she was awake anyway. But no. Humans can be hard to figure out sometimes!! – 😻 Benji

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