Winter Walk at Coulon Park

It hardly seems fair to call it a winter day, not with temperatures in the 50’s and the sky as blue as the lake below. And though the calendar does indeed say it’s winter I put on my lighter jacket and we headed to one of our favorite walks at nearby Gene Coulon Park in Renton. With fresh air, sunshine, paved trail, lake and mountain views, there’s always something new to see. Today it was men in orange suits engaged in a training exercise; not a bad day’s work I would say.

Further on I stopped to enjoy the happy sailboats all lined up and buttoned down, waiting patiently for someone to take them out.

Mt. Rainier made an appearance in the south, which was much appreciated.

And this stream harbored birdsong sounding like a reed – what bird is that? – as it flowed into the lake.

Happy for another sunny winter walk.

~ Susanne

7 Comments on “Winter Walk at Coulon Park

  1. This was a great read with pix Susanne! I have never seen a stream flowing into Lake Washington…must be a secret place. I love winter, it’s my favorite season !

    • Thanks so much for your comment Yvonne! I appreciate it! 🙂 We do live in a beautiful place and have had such a lovely winter!

  2. Nice to see all that lovely blue sky and scenery, Susanne. Still dull here, and raining heavily today too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. The best part of the Mt. Rainier picture is the “bird cloud” – he looks ready to take a bite of something!

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