Coast Redwoods

After three days traveling the Oregon Coast  we cross the border into California continuing on Highway 101 enjoying the same awesome ocean views we had grown accustomed to in Oregon…


But now we are more interested in taking the scenic parkway through old growth forest gazing upward while we look for the tops of the giant beauties before us, the Coast Redwoods, the tallest living things on earth.



We hike deep into the woods through giant trees and ferns and moss covered maples, then move on to the next roadside attraction, The Big Tree.


This beauty, estimated to be 1500 years old towers 304 feet over us.   Some friendly travelers take our picture with the Tree and we return the favor.


Coast Redwoods grow in a narrow strip along the Pacific Coast of California and southwestern Oregon. Its cousin, the Giant Sequoia, grows only on the western slope of the Sierra Nevadas. The Coast Redwood is the taller of the two growing up to 380 ft high while the Sequoia is greater in total size growing up to 32 feet in diameter.

We continue to the Avenue of the Giants driving slowly through the majestic trees…

wp-1465050488234.jpegStopping for an easy loop trail through Founders Grove where we see this beauty….(the tree I mean)



And continue around fallen ones leading us to ask the question, if this tree fell in the forest and nobody was there to hear it would it make a sound?  And the answer is a definite Yes!


After two days in the land of the giants we say goodbye and head back to the coast on highway 1 where we are rewarded with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. We are still impressed.


4 Comments on “Coast Redwoods

  1. The trees are truly amazing. We have some here locally that are 500 years old, but nothing like 1500. Majestic indeed, Susanne. I envy your interaction with those giants of nature.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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