Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees

You’ll be seeing more of my backyard during these stay at home orders;  and fortunately there’s always something new with the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees!

I’m especially thankful for the hummingbirds that call my garden home. I love to watch them from the garden shed as they drop by to feed.

I like to think they don’t see me but these glances tell me otherwise.

Still, I think we trust each other. I keep the feeders full and the water flowing – they let me take their picture.

Today I watched as one darted from branch to branch of the Douglas Fir tree, enjoying the fresh new growth of the needles.  I saw the bees doing the same thing and wondered – do they think they’re flowers?

My research tells me that in fact, these tender needles are edible and full of Vitamin C – just as advertised by Euell Gibbons.  😊 ‘Ever eat a pine tree? – many parts are edible!’

I didn’t try them but am told they taste like citrus.   And I couldn’t find a definitive answer as to what the hummingbirds were after.  Moisture? Insects? Sap? Or could they possibly eat the tender tips like we can?  I don’t know and they’re not talking.

But I do know what they’re after in the stream.

A dip and a splash and a drink.

~ Susanne

27 Comments on “Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees

    • Hi John! It’s just plain sugar water. 4 parts water, one part sugar. I usually mix it up 2 cups at a time, which is only 2 cups water, and a half a cup of sugar. Boil the water in the microwave, add sugar, stir and let cool.

      • Thank you – for some reason I opened a new nectar that is pre-mixed, and they didn’t seem to like it as much so I added a mix of home made mix to it and they are coming back, but I might just do my own mix for now and not use the pre-mix one!

  1. Great captures! The hummingbirds almost blend in with the colors of the stream, but not quite.

  2. Always so jealous that you have hummingbirds over there. I’m sure they can see you, but they trust you because you give them the nectar. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Yes, they’re amazing little birds and trusting too. Sometimes they’ll come and hover near you to check you out or maybe just to say hello! 🙂 I do try to stay out of sight when I takes pictures so they’re not startled and fly away.

  3. One of these little hummingbirds visited my garden just yesterday! I was so glad I didn’t miss seeing it. They are amazing, as are your photos!

  4. Love your Hummer pictures! You are so fortunate to have them.

  5. Oh my word I had forgotten all about Euell Gibbons! I think that dates us significantly😂 I have always loved your garden shed whenever I see it in your photos. And of course the hummingbirds. I would love to see them get in water, I’m sure here in Fresno they need it!!

    • Yes it does!! We used to imitate that line growing up ‘many parts are edible!’ 😁 and I kept hearing it when I learned those fresh needles of the Doug Fir are indeed edible!

  6. We haven’t seen any yet, but it has been unseasonably cold. Three baby robins did fledge this afternoon which was wonderful to get to see. One fell promptly down, not having figured out this flying thing yet.

    • Were lucky to have the hummingbirds year round since our winters aren’t that cold. I love robins too. They’re so plentiful it’s easy to take them for granted. What a treat to see them fledge.

  7. Love this! We have so many backyard birds too… including hummingbirds. I had one just hover in flight right in front of me. Very cool!

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