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A Harrowing Night in the Shed

This is Tiger and do I have a harrowing tale for you!  It all started out innocently enough yesterday. Benji and I were sporting about in the garden, helping Bob and Sue with various tasks, digging, chasing, and advising on work to be done.  Bob…

Kittie Photo Shoot in the Garden

Okay boys I said.  Spring is here and it’s a sunny day. I’d like to get a few shots of you two in the garden okay? Fine by me, says Tiger. How about this? Perfect I say. Alright with me says Benji.  How’s this?…

Ordinary Promise

I was drawn into the frozen garden this morning by the promise of deep color behind. But the brilliance lasts only moments and before I could get my camera it was gone…So I only managed to capture the ordinary…  Still there was enough promise for the…

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