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A Good Day in the January Garden

One day earlier this month, when the sun was shining and temperatures were approaching sixty degrees,  I went outside and found Benji hard at work. “Whatcha doing there Benji?” “Getting ready for planting,” he replied. “Looks like spring is here.” “Thanks Benji,” I said,…

A Week of Winter Gardening

Cold – wind – rain – snow – sunshine –  we saw everything this week.  But when the rain stopped I headed outside to tend to the garden. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a short amount of time;  time that is therapeutic…

Gardening with Benji and Tiger

We finally have a few days with no rain in the forecast so it is time for some serious spring gardening. My goal today is to prepare the beds for planting and for this work I am joined by my faithful assistant Benji.  We focus our…

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