Tiger’s New Chair

This is Tiger and I appreciate how Sue takes care of me, even in the small things.  The problem was Benji.  (No surprise there.)  I was here first but when he moved in he took over all the best places to sleep.  Like the chair in the living room.

Well it’s a small chair and he’s pretty small himself so I let it go, being the tolerant cat that I am.   I moved on to the couch but it wasn’t long before he claimed that too.

Enough is enough I thought, so I had a few words with Sue.

And you know what?   She got me a new chair.

And it’s the perfect fit.

I’m keeping this one.

~ Tiger

Tiger’s Turn

“Sue we need to talk.”

“Sure Tiger. What is it?  I always have time for you”

“Do you Sue?  Sometimes I wonder.”

“Why do you say that Tiger?”

“It’s the boy, Sue.  He gets all the attention.  It’s always ‘Benji this’ and ‘Benji that.’  I’m beginning to think you like him more than me.”

“Oh Tiger.  You mustn’t think that. It’s just that he requires a lot more attention than you do.  You know how he is, young and impetuous. I don’t know what I’d do without a mature cat like you around the house to balance out the boy.”

“Well okay Sue,” he said. “Still I’d like to be on the blog now and then.”

“Of course Tiger!  It’s your turn!  How about we get one of you sleeping?”

“Sure Sue.  How’s this?”

“Perfect Tiger!  What form!”

“Aw thanks Sue.”

~ Susanne and Tiger

Benji on Boxes

“Hi Benji.  I see you found the box from my new shoes. What is it about cats and boxes? What compels you to get into an empty box?”

“Well Sue, it’s like this.  Once we get into a box, a nap is immediately forthcoming.  Works everytime.  In fact I’m getting sleepy already.”

“Could you turn out the lights on your way out?”

“Sure Benji.”

~ Susanne and Benji

Benji and Tiger, Brothers

I don’t know exactly how or when it happened, but I do know that these two boys, rescued from previous lives that left them uncertain and scarred (within or without), crossed over from merely tolerating each other to real brotherhood.

I only know they did.

~ Susanne, Tiger and Benji