Just a Walk on the Beach: Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

The Oregon Coast is arguably the most beautiful in the country and Cannon Beach is one of its most beautiful and popular beaches.

On our recent camping trip to Fort Stevens we made the drive south to Cannon Beach and Tolovana Park for a closeup look at 235 ft. Haystack Rock.

The weather was perfect as we walked the mile to the giant sea stack, sunny with a light breeze blowing and low hanging clouds which slowly lifted.

As we got closer to the rock we noticed the crowds increasing and wondered why. A wedding perhaps?

No. The tide pools were the attraction and children were there for a sponsored scavenger hunt. Yes, masks were encouraged and most of the explorers were responsibly distanced.

Honestly I hadn’t explored any tide pools myself in years and it was wonderful to see them.

As we wandered about I couldn’t help remind those who stuck their little fingers into the anemones, “gently now, they’re living creatures.” Just like an old person I guess.

Soon we were hungry and headed back to where we started, refreshed and ready for lunch.

All in all a wonderful day. πŸ™‚

~ Susanne

26 Comments on “Just a Walk on the Beach: Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

  1. A couple of your photos remind me of Morro Bay here in California. Looks like fun! I can’t imagine sticking my finger in a sea anemone😬 It seems like they would sting or something. I’m assuming it was kids trying that?πŸ€”

    • Yes, I saw a kid stick their finger into the center of an anemone with a bit of enthusiasm. I just wanted them to realize it was a living creature and they should be gentle.

  2. I call them ‘rock pools’, and we don’t have them in Norfolk. But whenever I get to anywhere that has them, I become a child again.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Yes children love exploring the pools and seeing all the different types of marine life. It does rather bring out the child in us too! πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, Cannon Beach is spectacular and the coastline of Oregon reveals happy surprise after happy surprise!

  4. Been to Cannon Beach a few times over twenty some ears ago. It truly is a magical place. Thanks for the pics and memories.

  5. My mother’s cottage was at Tolovana Park, and we walked down to Haystack many many times. My favorite walk was at an unusually low tide when a friend and I walked to the rear of the rock. We used to laugh at the people who had to wait out a high tide when they got marooned on the rock. I guess now they will rescue people. Then, no such help.

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