A Conversation with Benji in Quarantine

“When’s it gonna end, Sue?”

“What’s that Benji?”

“This confinement. It’s getting on my nerves.”

“It’s only been a week Benji.  Besides. You’re not in quarantine.”

“But you are Sue. And it feels longer in cat years.”

“I suppose it does Benji. But it will be over soon.  And we’ll have learned something in the meantime.  And hopefully appreciate more all the freedoms we really have.”

“Okay Sue. Whatever you say.”

~ Susanne and Benji

22 Comments on “A Conversation with Benji in Quarantine

  1. Benji, you should enjoy having Sue around constantly to cater to your every whim 🙂

  2. Just another day for the pets in our life, Sue.
    No worries about the virus, only when dinner arrives.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Kitties have ways to know something’s different, I’m sure! Hang on Benji and help keep everyone safe!

    • Yes indeed. Benji lacks patience, and I guess so do I!! I can hardly wait to dine out in a restaurant again! Until then, here’s to takeout!! 🙂

  4. I agree that pets know when our schedule changes. Foster seems to be enjoying having “Mom” around, not that I was gone a lot before, since as my friends say I’m pretty much of a “homebody” anyhow😋

  5. How are you guys coping with the new living conditions! I hope you are healthy and happy, that’s the most important thing. We finally had a chance to go for a walk and it was amazing to be outside. Thanks for sharing and stay safe 😊 Aiva

    • I’m glad you got to get out! Fresh air is wonderful. It’s different here for sure. Things have been shut down in Washington State for a while now with only essential business and grocery stores open. We are learning to stay at home, and only go out for necessities or walks. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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