Sunset on a Sunny Day

After months of rain here in the Great Northwest we were promised two seventy degree days in a row.  The first arrived this afternoon and we reached the promised temperature.  I knew we would likely have a fabulous sunset and so I headed to Gene Coulon Park with my camera. Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea and the parking lots were full.  Somewhat discouraged I drove around as the sun was setting until I found a nearby hilltop and enjoyed the view.

I think it was worth the effort.

~  Susanne

8 Comments on “Sunset on a Sunny Day

  1. Nicely captured, Susanne. You were lucky with the temperatures. We are grateful if we get 10 degrees C today. It’s not at all like May.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. Our first 70 degrees since last November and a welcome respite. Today a forecast of 79 followed by thunderstorms and possibly hail! Crazy. Back to “normal” tomorrow. Your turn will come. ☺

  2. Awesome!!! I love this picture!!!
    We went to a track meet this afternoon and it was interesting when they suspended it because of the lightning! We were all under the stands and eventually the event was canceled. Poured rain on the way home! Crazy but warm weather! Wish I could have captured some of it in pics!

    • Thank you Sue!! ☺ The last 24 hours have been crazy for sure! Crazy but exciting and raw and beautiful! It’s fun to try to capture it!

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