A Daytrip to Lincoln Park and Alki Beach

We finally got the rain free day we were waiting for and decide to spend it on a trip to Lincoln Park and Alki Beach in West Seattle.

After a short drive we arrive at the park and hike a lovely trail through some patches of old growth forest to the bluff overlooking Puget Sound.

A slight wind is blowing as we descend to the beach below where it is crisp and cold,  and the Olympic Mountains are seen in their full glory. The fresh air and saltwater do us good!

On our return through the park we come across this giant and stately maple tree.

Then it’s onward to Alki Beach where the first group of white settlers landed and founded the City of Seattle in 1851.

We stop to eat at nearby Spud’s Fish and Chips for the best fish and chips in Seattle.  Founded in 1935 it’s also Seattle’s oldest fast food restaurant.  On it’s walls are pictures of early Seattle history including Luna Park, considered the Coney Island of the West, which operated at Alki Beach from 1907 – 1913.

I was pleased to see photographs taken by O.T. Frasch, an early Seattle photographer who also happens to be my great grandfather.  (Maybe that’s where I get my interest in photography?)

After lunch we move on for views of Seattle’s skyline, starting with a sneak peak at the Space Needle and the Cascades behind.

Speaking of mountains, in addition to the Olympics and Cascades we also find nice views of Mt Baker to the north;

while Mt Rainier can be seen blending into the milky sky to the south.

This outing should tide us over until the next rain free day which according to the current weather forecast may be a week out.

Such is life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

~  Susanne

10 Comments on “A Daytrip to Lincoln Park and Alki Beach

  1. I love that our Grandfather’s work is visible! Never knew! Oh, and now I need to have some Spuds!

    • Yes, the fish and chips were great! And it was so fun to see the historical pictures on the wall at Spuds, taken by our own Great Grandfather! Bragging rights! 🙂

  2. That connection with the old photos is really nice for you and John.
    You seem to get even more rain than Beetley though. At least you enjoy the wonderful mountain views as compensation.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • My great grandfather was known for his pictures and postcards of early Seattle and occasionally I see them referenced in the paper or hung somewhere. But it was still special and unexpected to see his pictures of Luna Park on the wall at Spuds. As far as rain, goes, I’m pretty sure we have you beat, at least this year. We just keep breaking records. Combined rain for Feb and Mar was the most recorded for the same period since they started keeping records. We look at the forecast to determine what we can get out and do and stay dry. Yesterday was the clear day for the week though it was raining heavily again last night. ~ Sigh~ On the other hand, yes it is so beautiful here with the mountains, the water and the evergreens. I guess that’s why we put up with the weather! 🙂

  3. Wow that is so cool that those were your great grandfather’s! I grew up on the east coast so I feel like I don’t know about historic Seattle

    • thanks for your comment! 🙂 Yes it was special to see his pictures on the wall at Spuds.. . You will see his name on old photos of Luna Park, Pike Place Market and the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, the 1909 worlds fair, where the UW campus is today.. I think I have more stories to tell! ☺

  4. Great pictures, Susanne! You inspire me to bundle up and get out. My garden is as far as I’ve been recently, but even that makes me happy. So much beautiful green around here, we have to pay the price with the rain to enjoy that 🙂

    • Thank you Carolyn! I love getting out when I can and more and more it’s with camera in hand. There’s so much natural beauty in the Northwest and I love trying to capture it. ~ And gardening makes me happy too. Hopefully when summer appears the cold and soggy spring will be long forgotten. 🙂

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