A Tale of Two Kitties ~ the waiting continues

Glimpses through windows and sniffs under doors. The suspense builds as the promised meeting of the two kitties remains on hold. Our new Benji is living in quarantine while recovering from an upper respiratory infection. The highly contagious virus (to cats not humans) was not evident when we brought him home from the Humane Society but hit with a vengeance a couple of days later. A visit to our vet and we are half way through the antibiotics.  The sneezing has decreased and I am thankful. I am keeping a close eye on Tiger for the least sign of infection.

I visit Benji downstairs a few times a day to bring him his favorite canned food, dispense medicine, clean his box and air out the room. (A real Florence Nightingale I am.) He’s always happy to see me, sparkly eyed and chipper.

During today’s visiting hours I plant myself in the comfy recliner to provide a lap for him and to watch the ballgame.  I also bring my journal along to while away the time in case the inspiration to write strikes. Benji is usually content to sit quietly on my lap while I pet him. But today he is so distracted with the object in my hand that any writing is futile.  It’s play time and he loves my bobbing pencil more than the lifeless toys on the floor. I put the journal away, bring out some yarn and Benji springs into action!

DSC01184 (2)

So it turns out he’s a kitten.  A playful, active, if-anything-moves-I’m-on-it kitten. This becomes more apparent as he gets better each day and his energy level increases, surpassing any others in the house, feline or human.

When my visiting hour is up I sneak out of the room, wash up and head upstairs.  By this time Tiger is peering through the sliding glass door outside wanting in. I oblige as I am wont to do.  It’s my job to let him in and out at the time and place of his choosing. (Yes, they have my number.)  After a quick snack of kibble he follows me up to my office.  It’s our favorite place, quiet and peaceful.  We visit awhile before he stretches out and I hear him snoring.

Maybe he’s dreaming of his new little brother?  He saw him again yesterday through the large window in Benji’s room.  I was visiting when we looked into the backyard and saw Tiger approach. He looked first at the little intruder and then at me with a look that said, ‘what are you doing in there?’   Hmm.. I can explain.

Everything I had read indicated that a slow introduction was important for cats. Well that is what we have ended up with, like it or not.  I’m still hopeful that an enduring brotherhood and friendship will develop between these two kitties after the quarantine is over in a week or two. Time will tell.

~  Susanne

6 Comments on “A Tale of Two Kitties ~ the waiting continues

  1. That is a very slow introduction indeed, Susanne. Let’ s hope that it pays dividends, and the eventual meeting goes smoothly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • yes, much, much slower that planned.. but hopefully it is giving them all the time they need to get adjusted to one another…

  2. You’re doing everything right–respiratory infections are serious in cats and quarantine is a sad thing but essential. . . Bonding is cinched between you and Benji, and he and Tiger are probably telepaths, becoming acquainted from a safe distance! Great work! ^..^

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